Transpersonal Guidance & Counseling

Great Changes are Reshaping Our Perceptions

Through the changes in society, family life, economy, rule of law, remapping of the Earth and Stars all of which are reshaping our perceptions, we are getting caught in the fluctuations. Our transformation is pending.

We find alterations in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. In a sense, there is an advent of ourselves requiring adjustments, recasting and evolution. For many this maybe disconcerting, paralyzing and painful. Once firmly held beliefs linger in doubt and sense of self brings forward empty awareness and lack of self definition.

We, too, are metamorphosing! We, too, are transitional.

“Mountain City” shows structures of buildings with a mountain shape depicting the western sunset of our transformation.

So, if you are:

• Noticing that your problem issues in relationship are increasingly presenting as irresolvable?

• Caught up in the accelerated fanatical daily pace, where time is no longer a friend but something to past?

• Creating an imbalance between your work life, family demands and personal time?

• Having these events impact your well being by bringing fractures in your life where previous method for resolution and healing are ineffective?

I offer the facilitation of experiential counseling sessions.